[D]Colem 0.99 - Readme 18-06-2001
Marc Dietrichstein

Whats new?
(o)nice GUI
(o)no more bios fonts ;)
(o)better fullscreen mode
(o)speed increase
(o)more roms
(o)you don't need "coleco.rom" anymore
(o)Afro on the license screen

About the GUI
I received some cool themes for [D]Colem and I planned to let the user choose which theme to use
and to let you save this decision.
Unfourtunatley my vmu broke and I can't test if the saving works or not.
So I deceided just to use one theme for this release.
It's the one from nav3.
There's no special reason for my decision because all the themes look great but i had to deceide
so I took his artwork.
I'll get a new vmu soon that means I'll include the other themes asap.

The release
(o)DJ image
Just burn and play

(o)!!!unscrambled!!! 1ST_READ.BIN + GUI
NOTE: It's not possible to make [D]Colem selfbooting with the Echelon tutorial(only god knows why).
If you want to make a sb follow the instructions on
The roms and the directory "gui" have to be in the root directory

Marat Fayzullin for the original ColEm
Dan Potter for libdream
Heliophobe for the sound emulation and the fullscreen code
Wraggster for the roms and for being a cool guy in general
emuunlim for hosting my site